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November 2023

Dance with Sonia Brown was thrilled to have been approached with the opportunity to participate in a professional performance as part of the Dance Reading Festival ‘23.

Five of our dancers rose to the challenge and took to the stage in ‘The Beginning’ at South Street Arts Centre, with professional performers Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas.

Through an explorative three day rehearsal process that pushed them out of their comfort zones, they developed roles and became part of the physical theatre performance.

Our dancers have said they had a brilliant time! Although the first rehearsal felt very strange, they quickly became accustomed, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience… especially the Cote Brasserie dinner they were treated to as a thank you!

Well done dancers! It goes to show that being brave and trying something new can lead to the most wonderful experience.

Thank you Dance Reading and Bert & Nasi for another amazing opportunity!

November 2023

In order to improve her dance teaching and offer the best holistic help possible for her students, Sonia participates in continuous professional development courses in her spare time.

This time, she has completed the Level 1 Parkinson’s Disease course to better understand the needs of her students who may be diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

She is on a mission to never stop learning!

Here's what we've been up to...

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