Low-Impact Tap + Advanced Tap

Why tap?


Adult tap classes with Sonia Brown are centred around learning exciting choreography ranging in many different styles, providing not just a physical workout but a mental one too!

As with all dance styles, it’s very common to be in a class of mixed abilities, especially in tap. Sonia provides adaptations for you as an individual to make sure you’re challenging yourself but also, and more importantly, to ensure that no one gets left behind.
If you love to feel the beat of the music, learn a new skill and PARTY then tap dancing is for you!

Low-Impact Tap

Low-Impact Tap with Sonia Brown is an upbeat, funky, beginner tap class for any age. The class avoids the use of jumps and springs to create a gentler dance workout, and ballet barres are on-hand if needed for extra stability.


During the class, we will learn new steps and work towards a fun dance every half term. 

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Advanced Tap

Sonia offers a friendly, non-syllabus class at an intermediate/advanced level. Suitable for any age, the class centres around learning choreography to a new dance every half term. 

The focus of the class is to have fun tap dancing, rather than drilling technique.

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When and where


Mondays, 11:30am & 12:30pm
Vibez Dance Studios, Woodley, RG5 3JP
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Wednesdays, 12pm
Dance Reality Studios, Tilehurst (Dee Road), RG30 4EA
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Low-Impact Tap!

Low-Impact Tap!

Wednesdays, 6:45pm
Frank Hutchings Community Hall, Thatcham, RG18 4QH
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Advanced Tap!


Fridays, 11:15am
Thatcham Parish Hall, Thatcham, RG18 4JP
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Thursdays, 7:30pm
St Mary & All Saints Primary School, Coley Park, RG1 6DU

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Low-Impact Tap!

Low-Impact Tap!

What our Tappers have been saying

"Sonia’s Low-Impact Tap class is the perfect antidote for the blues! Lively music, friendly atmosphere and just such fun! I always come away happy!"

"When I started in September this was my first time ever doing tap dancing. I had no idea what to expect and walked in there extremely nervous but walked out of there absolutely beaming from loving it so much and realised I love tap dancing."

"Sonia’s advanced tap class is the perfect class for adults with previous tapping experience. Her energy could brighten up any dark corner. She’s fantastic and creates a fabulous atmosphere. Her routines are extremely unique and rewarding, and she always aims to tailor her choreography to each ability within the advanced class. She provides both easier and more challenging alternatives."


Booking and payment

£8 per class (one hour). The first lesson for new attendees is Pay-As-You-Go, however following on from that, should you wish to continue with us, payment is on a termly basis expected by your next lesson in order to reserve your space.


Returning students are expected to pay on the first lesson of term. To see our term dates, click here.


Unfortunately, I cannot accept cheques and I do not offer refunds for missed classes.


What do I need to bring?
Please bring a bottle of water.

What should I wear?
There’s no need for you to invest in a specialist dance uniform (unless you want to!) Just come in clothes you can move comfortably in such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms.

To get the most out of your tap classes you will need a pair of tap shoes with a ball and heel tap. However, for your trial class a hard-sole, flat shoe would be fine; a shoe that isn't too grippy and is able to make a little sound. I would recommend that if you do sign up for Tap Classes With Sonia Brown, to visit our fantastic local dancewear shop, Dancia International, where they stock a variety of tap shoes. There are some dodgy shoes on the internet, and dance shoe sizing varies dramatically so having them professionally fitted in person will save you time and money. Dancia International's details can be found below. Sonia's recommendation would be a low-heeled, full-sole jazz tap but there will be cheaper alternatives if preferred.

Dancia Reading, 36-38 Prospect Street, Caversham, Reading, RG4 8JL
Tel. 0118 9478123

Dancia Crowthorne, 235 High Street, Crowthorne, RG45 7AH
Tel. 01344 286884

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