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September 2023 We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand-new LOW-IMPACT JAZZ classes!

Jazz classes are fab for those who like letting go to pop, jazz and show tunes, whilst benefitting from the strength, posture, flexibility and balance which comes along with learning jazz technique!!

As always in our low-impact classes, this class is suitable for absolute beginners and tailored for those who need a gentler alternative. What’s brilliant about jazz dance is that it works in both parallel AND turnout, and so is a little more forgiving than ballet for those with restricted hip mobility.


👉🏻Tuesday 1pm @ Cotswold Sports Centre (Tilehurst)

👉🏻Wednesday 9.45am @ Thatcham Parish Hall

👉🏻Thursday 2pm @ Earley St Peter’s Church Hall Click here to find out more and sign up!

April 2023

This week, Sonia and her sister Georgia ran the Reading Half Marathon!

Between their generous friends, family and many many dancers, they raised a whopping £1075 for the charity ‘Wellbeing of Women’.

Wellbeing of Women conducts scientific research and educational campaigns in female medicine, in order to improve the lives of women and babies. As a female-led organisation with many female attendees, this charity stood out due to the recent workplace menopause and period stigma campaigns, and it was felt their work is of great benefit to all.

Thank you so much for everyone’s generosity during a particularly tricky financial time!

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