May 2021

Having spent this morning at Vibez in Woodley, we were so thrilled to get to see my lovely Silver Swans and Low-Impact Tappers today ... and to have lots of new friends join us too!!

It's been a long time coming, with hours upon hours of planning and sorting, but it was such a brilliant feeling to see so many familiar faces and meet lots of new ones too, in person, in the studio!! Well done everyone, you all danced beautifully!

Remember, there's still room in many of the classes if you're thinking about joining and want to give it a go. You can look at the full dance timetable here:(

We're so excited to be back, and we can't wait to do it all again tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day etc)!

February 2021

The difference a few months can make! With the spare time that Sonia has found in lockdown, she has put it to good use and is volunteering at the Newbury Racecourse Vaccination Centre on her doorstep.

She is finding that not only is it a positive and uplifting place to be, but she is also enjoying meeting her fellow volunteers and so many new (masked) faces... and all the donated treats! The racecourse vaccinates over 1000 people a day, and Sonia was there when they hit 20,000! Hopefully, the progress continues; we're keeping everything crossed that we can be back to physical dance lessons in May!

Here's what we've been up to...