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November 2023

On Wednesday 1st November for the very first time the Silver Swans at 'Dance with Sonia Brown' shared a rare 'fly on the wall' glimpse into one of their ballet classes, in honour of World Ballet Day 2023.

For 10 years the top professional ballet companies have live-streamed their classes and rehearsals for the world to see, and this year we decided to do the same!

We’re hoping it gives reassurance to people who’ve always wanted to try ballet but have found the thought of taking the first step too daunting. From the comfort of their own home, everyone will be able to see the level of ballet we get up to, and what sort of people attend. Hopefully it’ll inspire people to start dancing, as do the professionals on the live streams, but on a more attainable level.

Head over to our Instagram @dancewithsoniabrown or Facebook @silverswanswithsoniabrown to check it out!

October 2023

To celebrate our Silver Swans' amazing achievement of performing at the Royal Academy of Dance in London earlier this month, our dancers united for a screening party to watch back the whole show!

Tickets for the performance itself were very limited, so all our students were able to be part of the day in this special way, with wonderful ‘bring and share’ food contributions in the lovely Flavell Suite at Sindlesham Court.

We all agreed that it’s interesting to see Silver Swans from outside of our bubble and how we all differ so much from one another despite having our demographic and ballet in common.

A super big thank you to our performing Silver Swan, Jane, for organising a fab screening venue and running the bar for us! What would we do without you!

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