June 2022

This week, Sonia and two of her dancers were very excited to be invited into the BBC Berkshire studios to meet Sarah Walker and have a good old chinwag about all of the VERY EXCITING Platinum Jubilee activities that partaking in (more on that very soon)! It was a great experience to be invited into the actual studios - and it certainly felt a bit more 'real' than when you're doing an interview on the phone!

For those interested, you can listen to the whole interview here!

Thanks to our dancers Diane and Gillian (you both nailed it!) and of course to Sarah and the BBC Berkshire team!

May 2022

Another day, another crazy bit of news! SONIA'S NAME IS ON A TRAIN!!

This one came as a bit of a shock as we certainly weren't expecting it, but Sonia's name is now travelling up and down the south-west of England daily thanks to BBC Berkshire's "Make A Difference" campaign and Great Western Railway!

Thank you to those who nominated us and well done to Sapna and Debbie too!

Here's what we've been up to...