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Thatcham Thrives 2023

October 2023

After what has felt like a very long performance break, the 'Dance with Sonia Brown' Tappers and Silver Swans burst back onto the scene this weekend in the Thatcham Thrives Dance Gala 2023! Dancers from across 14 different dance classes merged and performed as a cohesive troupe… with only one rehearsal prior to the day! Oh yeh, that’s how we roll!

Our Low-Impact and Advanced Tappers performed ’Think’ by Aretha Franklin, complete with sections nicknamed ’the tumble dryer’ and ’shaking the money’, whilst our lovely Silver Swans performed ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel. Our dancers aced it, and both numbers were met with super large cheers!

This was the third Thatcham Thrives Dance Gala, of which Sonia coordinates on behalf of Thatcham Town Council, and is part of the annual ’Thatcham Festival’. With 14 dance groups participating this year, over 250 dancers performing, and two sell-out shows, I think it would be fair to say it is the biggest beast of the festival, and has earned a reputation of kindness, inclusivity and meticulous organisation… and always a fun finale ending!

Well done to our dancers, and all those involved! And a super big thank you to my backstage helpers!


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