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March 2024

A HUGE well done to our dancers who performed last night in the Lift Off Dance Festival 2024! You all smashed it on stage, and what a wonderful day we had together, complete with a meal out! The best way to spend a weekend!

December 2023

Before Christmas, Sonia squeezed in another CPD (continuing professional development) course with the Royal Academy of Dance.


‘Dancing into Adulthood’ was most definitely her favourite CPD course to date! It had a nice balance of social science and biology, with some really insightful readings regarding topics so relevant to her students: hip anatomy, balance as we age, cognition and memory to name a few.

She is so pleased she gets to further her learning about andragogy (adult teaching theory) with her current masters module, ‘Lifelong Learning’. It’s clearly her favourite thing to do!

Here's what we've been up to...

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