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A Post Graduate Diploma with Distinction!

June 2024

A woo hoo! This week I had some lovely news come through!

It may have taken me an extra year because SOMEONE put a house move and wedding in the way (ahem) but I have FINALLY completed my second year on the MA in Education (Dance Teaching) at the Royal Academy of Dance, gaining a post-graduate diploma in education with a 100% distinction streak!

My second year started with a Laban module, relating imagery to within the body and the space around when dancing -super interesting and I’m definitely still using the principles every day with my students for a more holistic, engaging and expressive approach.

My second module came after my suspension, but was what I’d long been waiting for; Lifelong Learning! Most excitingly in this module was my assessment where I undertook a small research project addressing a common issue raised by my dancers -remembering choreography. My Thatcham Low-Impact Jazz students and I tried a new approach to memorising dance sequences using mnemonic stories... and it totally worked!

One more year to go before I’ve completed my MA… and it’s research project year ahhhh! After that I’ll be rebranding to ‘The Dance Master’ (jokes).

I have never worked so hard for anything in my life before!


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