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Dance With Sonia Brown Turns 5!

April 2024

What a fabulous day today was as we celebrated Dance with Sonia Brown’s 5th birthday!

In answer to your question, YES, five years has felt like a really long time because back when I started with my one Silver Swans class in Tyndale Hall I didn’t expect for my love of teaching adults to evolve into an entire dance school of 17 classes and nearly 300 students, and for this to have happened despite a global pandemic and cost of living crisis!

Thank you so much to my students for allowing me to do what I love!

A particular thank you to all my original swans from before Covid, it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re still dancing with me.

And of course a super big thank you to my swans from my tiny first term class who put their faith in me and still do to this day!

And an even bigger thank you my mum who’s been with me since day one carting ballet barres around, making skirts, doing administration, and being my sound board. DREAM TEAM!

I feel soooo lucky! Thank you everyone so much.


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